Have you ever been on the fence about an online purchase but made a decisive yes or no decision based on a product video. I have certainly had that experience more than once and would like to offer that opportunity to Hazelnut Kids‘ shoppers. I have considered producing my own videos but the idea is too overwhelming and I imagine quite expensive. So today I decided to reach out to you, my customers, and ask for your help.

I would love to showcase your children using or discussing one of our toys on camera. I would prefer the videos be close to 30 seconds long with as little camera “shake” as possible. In return, if your video is selected to be included on our website, we will put your name in the hat for a $50 gift certificate. We will award one gift certificate each month through December. You may submit as many videos as you wish, and there is no limit on how many times you can win the drawing.

To enter: choose 1 of 3 ways

1. Save your video to you tube and send us the link

2. Email your video directly to info@hazelnutkids.com

3. Record your video directly to Instagram and put #hazelnutkids as the caption. (This will require you to download the Instagram App and set up an Instagram account.)


Fine print:

  • Please include an item that we currently carry at Hazelnut Kids.
  • This is completely experimental and we will make adjustments to the process as we go along.
  • Feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  • We will never share your videos with any other organization. They are exclusively for Hazelnut Kids use.

If you are having difficulty or need assistance, feel free to email us at info@hazelnutkids.com. We look forward to seeing your little ones in action!

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