Clementine Art – Natural Soy Crayon Rocks

My almost five-year-old counted down the days to Halloween steadily this year beginning in mid-October. I wasn’t sure if he was more excited about wearing his grandma-made tiger costume or trekking from house to house for sweet treats. Turns out he was nearly as excited about creating Halloween decorations this year and is already planning Thanksgiving decorations for family and friends joining us at our home this year. The Clementine Soy Crayon Rocks were a fun way for my son and his little sister to draw their pumpkins, vines, and more. They love the shape of the crayons; they’re easy to hold, allow them to make thin and thick lines, and have incredible colors. Turkey hand-tracings, here we come!

Little Partners – Learning Tower

To say that our family’s Learning Tower is a current love would be incorrect; it is loved every day of the year. Our children help prepare every meal and snack, and my husband and I never have to ask them to. Whether we are spinning salad greens, chopping vegetables, mixing pancake batter, or making cookies, one or both of my children are providing some sort of assistance. Beside the obvious benefits of sharing time in the kitchen, teaching your children about how to be safe while handling food and utensils, and teaching them how to cook, I believe that my children have become fans of all types of food because of our Learning Tower. They can never resist asking for a taste of whatever fruit or vegetable being prepared and they ask questions about what is being made and what foods need to be cooked before eating. By purchasing a share in a local CSA, my children have also had a front row seat to seeing the bounty of our growing season.

Plan Toys – Parking Garage and Car

As my son gets older, I often wonder how long he will remain interested and excited by the Plan City road and rail pieces but his interest does not seem to be dissipating. For nearly a year now, he has brought out his Parking Garage every week. (It is helpful that the garage is sized well to play with popular die cast cars.) For the past week, he has been building and rebuilding railways and roads with his sister. For nearly three years I have watched his skills at building grow as well as his maturity while dealing with the difficulties of making inanimate objects respond to his wishes. It’s rewarding now to see him assisting his two-year-old sister with the same problems he had at her age and to see them play cooperatively. This week they were remembering a recent trip to Chicago by mimicking the recording on the CTA shouting, “Doors Closing!” as they played, leaving a smile on my face.

Katherine DeGood – Contributing Writer for Hazelnut Kids and Mother of Willem and Adeline

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