Recycled Box

Hazelnut Kids is proud to announce our decision to reuse boxes.  This has been a consideration for some time.  We take pride in how our orders are received by customers, and have always wanted to ensure safe arrival of these packages to our customers.  The time has come, however, to put cosmetics aside – and make our footprint just a bit smaller as we begin reusing cardboard boxes for shipping.  We will choose only boxes that we feel will be a safe and sturdy vessel for our orders, and when you see the “previously loved box” sticker – you’ll know your footprint has been made smaller as well!

So if you receive a less than perfect box from us, just know that it is in the name of preserving our Earth for generations to come – and that our commitment to quality remains the same.  We care about each package we send out, and that remains  true – even more so – as we take yet another step in the “green” direction!

Bridgett, Manager – Hazelnut Kids Natural Toys

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