I have wanted to try natural Easter egg dying for a while now. This year, I happened to receive a recipe for it in the mail – so I decided to go for it!

My friend and I divided up the grocery list, and made plans to tag team the challenge. Between the two of us, we actually had everything we needed already at home.

We used blueberries, spinach, cranberries, and turmeric – but there are lots of recipes out there! It takes a little time to boil the ingredients down, and even longer to soak the eggs in it – but I think it is worth it!



In a moment of weakness, I will admit, I was concerned that the natural dyes were not going to do their job – and I dissolved some leftover from last year tablets. A desperate attempt to salvage what I thought might be the loss of Easter tradition for my kids – brightly colored eggs in their basket in the morning, dyed by themselves. I quickly regretted this decision, but it was a good learning experience for me. Sure, the dissolved tablets made for instantly bright colored eggs for the kids, but the eggs they put in those bowls were done too soon! There was no anticipation or excitement building up – just instant gratification. And don’t we have too much of that already?!

I was surprised to see how even with the vibrant artificial colors available to the kids, they still gravitated to the natural dyes. They enjoyed periodically checking on the eggs to see the progress they had made, and somehow appreciated the soft colors. They thought it was really cool that we had made our own colors, with natural foods. Additionally, they were able to eat the eggs that had cracked and soaked in those dyes, and raved about the tasty eggs, and how they could eat them because the “dye” was just food! No way would I have felt great about turning over a cracked egg that had soaked in a florescent pink!

our finished eggs

our finished eggs

So, as I type with green finger tips (from the regrettable moment when I took an egg out of the bowl with the artificial dye) I ponder a lesson learned. My kids did not need instantly colored eggs, neon hues, or stained skin. They just needed my benefit of the doubt that they were patient, inspired, and appreciative.

Happy Spring!

Bridgett – Manager,  Hazelnut Kids

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