Isn't that a great logo?

Just before the holidays I was challenged by a loyal customer to offer an affordable, natural play castle. I was delighted that she reached out instead of just finding one herself elsewhere and I was eager to please. It didn’t take long for me to discover The Original Tree Swing. I’m a sucker for aesthetics and was drawn to their logo immediately. Well, since I’m not in the business of selling logos, I thought I better dig a little deeper and boy am I glad I did. When I realized they were practically made in my back yard (Michigan/Minnesota) and read their statement “We are committed to developing open-ended toys made from all natural materials,” I was ready to buy everything they offered. Considering my budget, I took a deep breath and stayed focused on the task at hand. As I read about their castle blocks I just had to get my hands on them.

Walnut Castle Blocks

When they arrived and I actually DID get my hands on them I fell in love! They are smooth, heavy, and so beautiful. The contrasting shades of the Walnut Castle and the simplicity of the Ash Set are equally pleasing. I couldn’t resist ordering some of their other items as well. The fencing swords, slingshots, knights and dragon sets, treehouses and of course the Original Tree Swings have all foundĀ  homes at Hazelnut Kids and we are so happy to have them. When I called Bill to ask for more slingshots and he said he needed to go find more sticks in his yard, I knew I had found a great new company to work with!

Tracy Coe – owner, Hazelnut Kids

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