There are countless advertising campaigns that would like you to believe that your child needs the latest new thingamabob in order to grow into an intelligent little person. But when it comes to toys, your grandparents probably had the advantage. natural wooden toys

Traditionally, all over the world toys have been made of natural materials like wood, lovingly built by craftsmen and artisans. Natural wood is beautiful, non-toxic, and durable, making it a wonderfully suitable material to make natural toys for babies and children.

Tune Out to Tune In

Many parents buy into the hype of flashy new toys with battery operated components that produce sounds and movement. Parents are told that these high-tech toys will stimulate their children and enhance brain activity.

While stimulation is good and important for brain development, children are becoming overstimulated by the high tech society that we live in. Bombarded with lights, sounds, television, advertisements, and animated objects everywhere we go, children today are exposed to more external stimuli than during any other time in our history. All this external stimuli is precisely why the home should be a haven for creative and imaginative play, inspired by natural wooden toys.

The All Natural Argument for Wooden Toys

Wooden Dollhouses for KidsWooden toys allow children to develop cognitive and problem solving skills while engaging in play. The simplicity of wooden toys requires children to use their imagination and creativity, much more so than flashy, battery-generated toys allow.

Modern toys are designed to distract or amuse children, similar to the way television is used to distract. Rather than pushing a button and sitting back to watch the toy animate itself, the child has to be an active participant to engage in play with wooden toys, requiring them to actively push, pull, turn or connect parts. When paired with a fresh young imagination, the possibilities of solid wooden toys are endless.

Developmental Benefits of Natural Wooden Toys

There are several notable developmental benefits of playing with wooden toys. Apart from developing imagination and creativity, these include the development of: Wooden Toys

  • hand-eye coordination
  • problem solving and puzzle skills
  • spatial awareness
  • shape and color recognition
  • finger dexterity
  • movement and motor skills
  • increasing attention span and patience

The natural textures of wood against little hands and fingers also invites children to touch, feel and explore, stimulating the senses. The benefits of natural wooden toys for kids are virtually endless.

Make the Switch to Natural Wooden Toys

wooden toys for kidsIt is only within the last several decades that we have seen a switch from natural toys to toys made from chemicals in toxic plastic factories. These plastic toys do not stand the test of time, they are cheap, toxic and unsustainable.

More and more research is concluding that plastic leaches out toxic chemicals, even the so called safe plastics that are BPA free have been proven to leach estrogenic chemicals. Babies and toddlers love to put things in their mouth! Plastic is not suitable for anyone to be putting in their mouths, especially children in their vital developmental years.

All natural wooden toys are safe, non toxic and durable enough to inspire creativity and imaginative play for generations to come.

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