Although I applaud Congress for creating legislation to try to ensure fewer lead-paint toy recalls, the resulting legislation has an unexpected and unfortunate outcome: the cheap plastic toy manufacturers will remain in business while the natural toy manufacturers, the ones NOT involved in toy recalls, will be unable to stay in business. I ask you to please read the article on the Mothering magazine website entitled “Toy Safety Legislation: Good Intentions Lead to Catastrophic Results for the Natural Toy Industry” and then write to your representative right away.

One of Hazelnut Kids’ favorite manufacturers, Selecta Spielzeug, has already announced that they will no longer sell their toys in the United States because the expense of the redundant testing being required by the new legislation is too cost prohibitive. Let’s act now before more of these fabulous manufacturers follow suit, leaving us with only plastic and battery-operated toys that cause so much harm to the environment and our children. These new regulations also affect small toy manufacturers such as those who sell on Etsy, which means that more small family businesses will be forced to close.

Please help us to protect our children and the Earth by contacting your representative now. Contact information is in the Mothering article.


Sheri Novak, Owner – Hazelnut Kids

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