We recently added a new toy category on the HazelnutKids website called ‘Made in America’, for those customers who prefer to only buy toys made in the United States. We currently have four pages of toys in that category, and intend to continually expand our selection.

We often receive emails asking which toys are made in America, and if any are made in China. In the wake of so many toy recalls, we understand the concern. On each product’s page on our website there is an orange box which shows where the product was made. Additionally, our ‘Toy Safety’ page lists each brand that we carry, where the toys are made, the materials used, their safety standards, and much more.

Although the majority of our toys are made in Germany, Thailand, and the United States, we do offer some toys that are made in China. However, there are several key differences between the companies that we buy from whom make their toys in China, and those involved in recent recalls. The biggest difference is that our companies maintain strict oversight of the production process. Several even own the factories and employ the workers themselves, to ensure that they have complete control over the production process. All of our manufacturers are dedicated to toy safety, and test the supplies that are used to make their toys. Additionally, our manufacturers create only thousands of their products, compared to millions as companies like Mattel do. Because they produce much smaller quantities, our manufacturers are able to oversee the creation of their toys, and to test the final products.

If you ever have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing info@hazelnutkids.com or calling us toll-free at 888.869.1901.

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