Plan Toys Wooden Baby Walker at Hazelnut Kids

Once again a reviewer did such a fabulous job describing one of our products that a review from me wouldn’t compare.  So, below is a portion of the Plan Toys Baby Walker review by Julie at Cool Mom Picks, but please visit their site for the full review.

“The Wooden Baby Walker from the always wonderful Plan Toys is a much better option.  Sturdier than its plastic counterparts, this walker also has an adjustable handle.  So it doesn’t matter how tall your toddler-to-be might be — when he’s ready, this walker is, too.   Plus, it’s filled with colored and natural wooden blocks, which further extends its useful life.”

Oh, and of course she said, “Find the Plan Toys Wooden Baby Walker at CMP fave Hazelnut Kids“.  Thank you for the wonderful review, Julie!

Sheri Novak, Owner – Hazelnut Kids

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