thepurple book Green edition

Hazelnut Kids is honored to have been chosen as one of the web’s top earth-friendly retailers and included in thepurplebook: Green Edition. Of all the stores on the web, only 420 were chosen for inclusion in this book, so we are thrilled! Thepurplebook Green’s Press Release states,

“Consumers are eager to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle, but the complexity behind “living green” can cause an overwhelming sense of confusion that holds many people back from taking positive steps forward,” said Hillary Mendelsohn, author of the thepurplebook series. “The goal with thepurplebook green is to simplify Earth-friendly shopping by focusing on the growing number of web shops that turn our good intentions into reality by offering environmentally sound products. It”s a valuable resource for veteran eco-consumers as well as those newly dedicated to making better choices.”

It’s mind-boggling to think of all the work that Hillary and Ian did to create this book, yet its price is less than $10 – quite a steal for so much information. It really is a fabulous guide, so if you are interested in purchasing a copy of thepurplebook: Green Edition follow this link to

Thank you, Hillary, Ian and thepurplebook!

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