Sketchbooks sure didn’t look like this when I was growing up!  Sure, the metal coil binding is reminiscent of those on the paper notebooks I used to tote around to and from school, but that’s where the similarities end.  The ecojot sketchbooks are not your ordinary school/art supplies, both in the way they look and the story behind them.

These colorful creations come from a Canadian brother/sister duo who started the company in hopes of combining beautiful, whimsical artwork with eco-friendly stationery.  They certainly succeeded!  Each ecojot sketchbook is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and decorated using non-toxic inks.  Even better, for every sketchbook they sell, the company’s “GIVE” program sends a notebook to a child in a developing country.


And then there are the fun and original designs and two different sizes to choose from.

The smaller 6×9 books come in colorful apples, popular owls, modern robots, and space & planets.






The larger 9×12 books come in adorable animalsflying butterflies, funky milk trucks, and the lovable monkey on a skateboard.


Let the creating begin!



~ Shannon – Hazelnut Kids Customer Service, Contributing Blogger, and Mother to Holden and Quinn

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