Take one look at our selection of Ball Track Sets and your head might be ‘spinning.’  But don’t ‘roll’ your eyes and move on just yet!  We’ve sorted through our selection and have created another little table for you to get on ‘track’ when it comes to selecting the perfect ball track set.  (Okay, okay… enough of my ball track puns!)

My First Ball Track Ball Track Construction Set Click Clack Roller Build N Roll Build N Spin
Brand Haba Haba Plan Toys Plan Toys Plan Toys
Ages 3 and up 3 and up 18 months and up 4 and up 4 and up
# of Pieces 44 50 1 solid track; 2 wooden balls 44 39 


Details The “has-it-all” starter kit for younger children; 

Includes unfinished blocks, ramps, dominoes, and marbles

More emphasis on building a structure using the various unfinished blocks, then having the marbles run through it;

Includes blocks, marbles, and a bell

Ideal for toddlers;

Stimulates visual and auditory senses;

No track building required

A colorful ball track set that is smaller in size and more easily used by older children;

Includes unfinished and painted blocks, ramp systems, windmill, and wooden balls

Not your typical ball track as it uses rollers instead of balls;

More easily used by older children;

Includes unfinished and painted blocks, ramps, and rollers

Ability to expand? Yes – with all Haba ball track add-ons and block sets Yes – with all Haba ball track add-ons and block sets No Limited – with Plan Toys Construction Set and Build N Spin Limited – with Plan Toys Build N Roll
Price $44.99 $80.99 $40.50 $55.00 $75.00


Haba continues to be the leader in classic, unfinished ball track systems that can start small (with a beginner’s set) and be added onto in various ways to create giant mazes of tracks and obstacles.  We often recommend these Haba ball track kits to our customers who want to have something they can have grow with the child as he or she gets older…  Start off with getting your child a basic kit, then with every birthday or holiday or special event that comes afterwards, get another compatible ball track add-on (which we carry most of) that will make the resulting track more and more complex – and more and more age appropriate too!  We promise that the adults will have just as much fun creating these ball track patterns as the kids do!

The Plan Toys ball and rolling track sets are also great.  With their colorful design, they’re a bit more modern than the classic Haba sets and the construction-like nature of their set-up makes them good options as one-time gifts for middle-aged children.

And for those little ball track beginners, the Plan Toys toddler set is ideal.  Put it in a room with a two-year old and watch the joyful discovery that will ensue.  It’s solidly built and made to delight as the balls drop over and over and over again!

Whichever you may decide upon, you can rest assured that each set is solidly made and all of the materials are completely safe and non-toxic.  Even better, each set is packed with fun and possibility (for your children and yourselves!).

Shannon – Customer Service and Research Specialist

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