We’ve been carrying a variety of beautiful Glueckskaefer nesting toys and building blocks for some time now.  Then there’s also the playground favorite, the big jump rope.  And we can’t forget about one of our best-sellers, the knitting mushroom.


But lately we’ve added a whole new line of Glueckskaefer playthings, perfect for the little chef in the family.  These kitchen-related toys are made especially for small hands and are the perfect addition to a child-sized play kitchen or helpful tools while helping alongside mom or dad in the real one.

This adorable miniature grater reminds us of something you might find in a Montessori classroom as little hands help prepare a snack. The wooden base keeps the grater steady and the stainless  grater gets the job done!

The classic hand beaters are quite charming as well. Also made of stainless, these beaters are functional, and if your little one is going to do all the work, we insist you let them lick the beaters!

Equally functional and adorable are the mini flour sifter, muffin mold, colander, rolling pin and stainless pots and pans. And you should have heard the “awe!”s  when we first saw the miniature wok, complete with tiny chopsticks! These made for children pieces rival any of your adult sized kitchen tools and we mean it when we say they are completely functional.


And speaking of kid-sized… The Glueckskaefer wooden play kitchens are at that perfect youngster-height and are, truly, some beautiful pieces of heirloom-quality play furniture.  The small stove-sink is great for tabletop kitchen play when you might not have the floor space for a freestanding play kitchen.  Or… if you do, the stove-oven-sink combo offers the basics of a real kitchen in a compact size.  If you’ve got a little extra space and want to have a play kitchen suitable to pass on to future generations, the play kitchen with top is for you.  Whatever the choice, each is made in Bosnia-Herzegovina from solid wood and will stand up to years of culinary creation by your mini chef!

From Glueckskaefer: “We are strongly convinced that through our products we are able to support children’s healthy development, love of learning, and joy in living, to respect social and ecological responsibility, and also to fund ‘Heads’ for creativity and imagination, ‘Hands’ for skill and craft, and ‘Hearts’ for honesty and for love.”

From Hazelnut Kids: “Bon appetit!”

~ Shannon – Hazelnut Kids Customer Service, Contributing Blogger, and Mother to Holden and Quinn

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