We’re really excited about the line of cooperative board games offered by Family Pastimes. Not only are they fun and educational, they’re also handmade from eco-friendly materials, including recycled pasteboard and soy-based inks.

This family-based company has established quite the name for themselves when it comes to cooperative game play.  What are cooperative games you ask?  It’s really quite simple…  There is no winner or loser, as in traditional competitive games.  Rather, the game’s success hangs upon each player working together to reach a common goal.

There are Family Pastimes games suitable for all ages.  In Max, players aged 4-7 work together to get all of the little creatures back home safely before Max, the black tomcat, can catch them.




5-9 year olds will become a team of special detectives, seeking to uncover which suspect has taken a batch of top secrets in Spies & Alibis.



For the multi-aged group, Mountaineering offers a real life adventure game for 7-12 year olds.  In it, the players are part of an expedition, sharing equipment and battling challenges, as the team tries for the summit.



There are even games suitable for the teenagers and adults in the family.  Earth Game is good for ages 12 and up, where the goal is to manage resources and solve problems among nations in order to avoid war.



Or try Untrivia, a question and answer game that deals with practical issues (rather than trivial ones).  Great for teens and adults alike, this game will encourage open discussion about topics such as child-rearing, cooking, travel, health, car and home care, etc.  A really great one for the family whose kids aren’t so little anymore!

The other nice thing is that many of these games are suitable for one or more players.  Brainy Games is a great one to play alone or with a group.  It includes three separate logic games that will keep the player on his toes and have them playing over and over again.

Whatever the choice, these cooperative board games from Family Pastimes are wonderful alternatives to the Snakes & Ladders, Clues, and Monopolies of the game closet.  Next time it’s family game night, try a turn at playing with your family rather than against them!

Good luck!

~ Shannon – Hazelnut Kids Customer Service, Contributing Blogger, and Mother to Holden and Quinn


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