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This time of year we receive lots of questions regarding our line of Elves and Angels Wooden Play Kitchens. David Smalley of Elves and Angels has done an outstanding job of creating heirloom quality wooden play kitchens that are kid friendly, earth friendly, and wallet friendly. David has made it his mission to create a selection of play kitchens that are under $200. There are a couple of deluxe versions that are slightly more expensive, but the majority of his line fulfill his mission. And did I mention they are made in the US, in the great state of Maine?


Susan’s Wooden Play Kitchen

When looking through all the different models, it can become a bit overwhelming clicking back and forth to compare them. We are hoping to make this easier by creating a kitchen comparison chart. Enjoy looking them over and if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@hazelnutkids.com or 231-941-1901.

Julianna's Wooden Play Kitchen

Julianna’s Wooden Play Kitchen
(without broiler oven)


Julianna's Wooden Play Kitchen with Broiler Oven

Julianna’s Wooden Play Kitchen
with Broiler Oven

Christina's Wooden Play Kitchen

Christina’s Wooden Play Kitchen

Sera's Wooden Play Kitchen

Sera’s Wooden Play Kitchen


Jenny's Wooden Play Kitchen

Jenny’s Wooden Play Kitchen

Sylvie's Wooden Play Kitchen

Sylvie’s Wooden Play Kitchen



Jenny’s Julianna’s Julianna’s with Broiler Susan’s Sylvie’s Christina’s Sera’s
price $169 $179 $219 $199 $249 $189 $159
height (inches) 30.5 34 34 38 40 28.5 27
width (inches) 20 23 23 24 28 28 24
depth (inches) 11 12 12 12 11 11.25 12
shelves 1 on top with no back 1 on top with back 1 on top with back 2 with partial backs 2 with full backing no no
moveable knobs yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
bottom broiler no no yes no no no no
metal sink yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
4 burners yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
middle oven shelf no no no no yes yes no








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