Thanks to advances in technology, researchers at N.Y.U. are currently studying how young and crawling infants interact with their world and move through it. Children were recently outfitted with lightweight cameras that tracked their eye movements as well as gave a child’s eye view. In early findings, researchers were surprised to see that children were able to make quick decisions about their environment and the people around them without having to stop and focus on a particular item to determine how they were going to react to it. From the New York Times:

“Quick gazes at obstacles in front of them or at their mothers’ faces may be all they need to get the information they want. They seem to be surprisingly efficient,” said John Franchak, a doctoral candidate in developmental psychology at New York University.

When thinking about toys and the role that they play with very young children, this study reinforces the idea that toys for young children need to immediately appeal to their every sense.

This rattle from Haba is a favorite of young children. It is colorful, easy to hold, and makes sounds that they love to hear.

The simplicity of a natural wooden ring rattle has been appealing to children throughout the years. The varying shapes, sounds, and smooth texture of this rattle is enjoyable for little ones and will quickly become a favorite toy that they will choose again and again.

Bright and interesting blocks are a universally recommended toy for infants and children. Haba makes the simplest toy even better with the addition of small unexpected surprises inside the blocks and inviting colors on the outside.

You can read more about this amazing research here.

Katherine Degood – Contributing Writer for Hazelnut Kids

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