Don’t we all crave a bit of the one-of-a-kind, never-been-seen-before, no-other-like-it?  Cate & Levi is a dad-founded company that can bring your child just that – in the form of a lovable woolen pal that will be unlike any other.  Each Cate & Levi creation is made from reclaimed wool (think old sweaters piling up in the closet!) and stuffed with sheep’s wool, so no two of these natural toys will ever be the same.


They come in all shapes and sizes, too.  The stuffed animals are big and lovable and so much more vibrant than your usual polyester plush toy.



They’ve also got a terrific line of great and goofy hand puppets and, for those sleepovers or slumber parties, the pillow pals are perfect.


Have a child on the go?  Turn to the backpack buddy for a fun friend to bring along to school (with no worries of having the same bag as the kid next to you!) or the purse pal for the little ladies who need something to carry all of their treasures. 


Cate & Levi products are all handmade in Canada and the materials are sourced as close to the production site as possible, thereby reducing their carbon footprint.  They are also a socially conscious company, which donates 10% of profits to charities for children in need.

Repurposed and whimsical and 100% unique, these woolen play pals from Cate & Levi will have you and your child smiling in no time!

Shannon – Hazelnut Kids Customer Service, Contributing Blogger, and Mother to Holden and Quinn

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