We just received a large Plan Toys order, and have added several new Plan Toys natural toys to our site. A few of the highlights are:

  1. We’ve expanded our wooden dollhouse furniture to include the Neo line (more colorful and modern than the traditional line). We’ve also added a modern doll family, so now you can choose from four different wooden doll families for your dollhouse.
  2. Since the Oval Xylophone is so wildly popular, we have added the Melody Xylophone which has more keys for more musical variation, three music sheets, and a longer, sleeker look.
  3. We’ve added an adorable vegetable set (there is even corn on the cob!) and a food and beverage set that compliment the other Plan Toys wooden play kitchen foods. Some customers love the small Haba wooden play foods, while others prefer the larger Plan Toys foods, so if you’re a fan of the larger foods, you’re going to love these.
  4. Bee Maracas and Frog Tambourines are back in stock! They were so popular that we were surprised and disappointed when Plan Toys decided to discontinue them. Fortunately, we were able to buy up some of what was left in their stock so that we can continue to offer them for a little while (but they’ll sell out fast!).
  5. For the full list, check out our new arrivals page.


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