Plan Toys Animal Dominoes

When we received our shipment from Plan Toys with their new Animal Dominoes I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them! They looked so inviting with the fun animals and variety of colors. I decided I couldn’t wait for a special occasion, and brought a set home right away. They quickly became the game that we didn’t leave home without. They have many qualities that lend themselves well to travel:

  • They are very sturdy and able to withstand being dropped in the parking lot if they are not packed very well! You’d think a 5 year old would be able to handle his suitcase better…
  • They are substantial, which is good news when they get lost in a sea of bags in a packed-to-the-brim car. Yes, my kids love these so much they even found a way to play with them in the car! Which meant there were more dominoes on the floor of the car than on their laps. But, they were easy to find and grab, unlike smaller and duller-colored dominoes which could easily be eaten up by the seat cracks.
  • They come with a great cotton bag, so you don’t have to figure out how to pack a large box that will most likely get smashed. We threw ours in the beach bag without a second thought!

So far, our dominoes have accompanied us to many destinations, but a couple that stand out are a Northern Michigan Resort and a friend’s cottage on Lake Michigan.

Plan Toys Animal Dominoes

The dominoes were a great activity for our hotel room, and even though the resort had a huge outdoor slide and a great, fun pool area, the kids couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel room and have some family fun with the dominoes. Oh yeah, did I mention we parents enjoy playing as much as the kids do? Which, to be honest, we can’t say about all games! The dominoes were a great fit for our day trip to Lake Michigan, too. When the kids tired of swimming and needed something to do while we visited, they just pulled out their bag of animal dominoes and entertained themselves. I wasn’t concerned about them getting wrecked at the beach because they are so durable.

So, if you are looking for some good old-fashioned family fun that is convenient enough to throw in the trunk, I highly recommend Plan Toys Animal Dominoes!

Bridgett Beckwith, Manager – Hazelnut Kids

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