In addition to the original Maya Wrap baby sling / carrier, we are now carrying the Maya Wrap LIGHTLY PADDED baby sling, which has quickly become Maya Wrap’s best seller.  I was apprehensive at first, as one of the many draws of Maya Wraps has always been that they did not have bulky padding at the shoulder, which in other carriers makes it difficult to tighten the wrap.  Well, obviously Maya Wrap’s founder, Susan Gmeiner, knew what she was doing, as she has created a carrier with enough padding to make it even more comfortable than the original Maya Wrap, but not too much padding, so it is still easy to tighten the wrap. 

The padding is the only difference between the slings, as the fabrics and features are identical to the original Maya Wrap sling.  I believe that a Maya Wrap is the greatest baby shower gift you can buy a new mom, as it will be used for years (my son is 3 years old and I was just wearing him in our Maya Wrap today), it promotes a strong attachment and has numerous health benefits for the baby.  Click here for more information about Maya Wraps.

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