Jack and Izzy sportin' their Mimi lunch bags


As the warm days of August come and go, we inch closer to the impending season of fall. With it comes crisp air, falling leaves, and brown bag lunches! This year, here at Hazelnut Kids, we decided to help you kick the brown paper bag habit with our new line of Mimi the Sardine organic lunch bags.


There are so many qualities about this simple lunch bag that make it stand apart from the others available. It is extremely light-weight, so your kids won’t complain about a heavy, bulky lunch box. The organic fabric is the perfect material to keep this lunch bag light, and keep the food inside safe. The acrylic coating of the fabric (not PVC), allows for easy cleaning with a wet cloth. At the end of the week, or after a particularly messy lunch, you can throw the Mimi the Sardine lunch bag in the washing machine and dryer.

Another great thing about Mimi the Sardine organic lunch bags, are the handles. Nice and soft, and just big enough to make it easy for little hands to carry it by themselves. Plus, despite its light-weight design, it is extremely spacious and durable. We’ve had our two Mimi the Sardine lunch bags for years, and trust me – Jack and Isabelle have put them through the wringer! They continue to smell fresh and look great, even after years of use.

Also, the organic lunch bags fit much more than you might think. We have been known to pack in lunch, snacks, and a water bottle at the same time! Hazelnut Kids Earthlust 13 ounce size water bottles fit in the lunch bags beautifully – with lots of room to spare.

The zippers at the top of the bags are another noteworthy quality of the Mimi the Sardine organic lunch bags. They keep everything secured in the lunch bag, and allow easy access for kids. Kids love to be independent and navigate their lunch bag by themselves, and I appreciated this quality when my kids were very little and still getting the hang of how things work.


If you homeschool, or don’t send cold lunch to school with your kids – don’t worry, this organic lunch bag is still a winner! We don’t even use them for school lunches, we use them for road trips, snacks on the go, picnics, and the list goes on!

Have I mentioned how completely adorable these bags are yet?! The designs are so super cute and the colors extremely vibrant (and they stay that way!). We’ve gotten more compliments than I can count on our Mimi the Sardine organic lunch bags.

Go ahead, check out all the designs we have available at Hazelnut Kids, and never fret again about how to pack your next snack on the go!

Bridgett – Manager, Hazelnut Kids



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