Artist - Jack, 6 years old

Artist - Jack, 6 years old

So my son has been using the same blue Easter egg-shaped piece of chalk on his blackboard since last Easter.  Needless to say, I was very excited to see Hazelnut Kid’s new Mercurius Blackboard Chalk come in!  I promised him that I would bring him home a set, and today I did.  He received them with a giant, “Thank you so much Mom!” and then got right to work.

The colors are unbelievable.  Yes, you pay for what you get.  What you get is a super high quality set of chalk – they blend so well, and the colors jump off the blackboard.  The smiles your child produces as they create are priceless, however.

Not only is my son thrilled at the potential he has for greatness with this color wheel of pastels . . . he is thrilled to have the means to practice his weekly spelling words with no harm done to the environment.  That’s right, no more paper.  He now has 12 colors to choose from as he writes and erases each word of the week.  The colors add fun, and the lack of paper involved makes us all feel like we are making our footprint that much smaller.

So don’t wait – get your set of 12 vibrantly colored pastels today!

Bridgett, Manager – Hazelnut Kids

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