We are now carrying beautiful, hand-crafted Holztiger wooden dinosaurs and dragons. We loved them based on the catalog pictures and the description of how they are made, but when they arrived and we opened the box, we were in awe. I can’t wait to give some to our sons (thank goodness for a fall birthday – I don’t think I could wait until Christmas!).

Here is some information about them from Holztiger’s catalog:

Manufacture: Holztiger toys are all handmade. First of all, the contours are stamped out on wooden boards, then the figures are cut out with a saw. A number of different steps follow to smooth off the rough surfaces and edges. The wood is then primed and finish-sanded – a process which results in a particularly smooth and soft surface. Next, the figures are hand-painted with water paints. to make the figures resistant to perspiration and saliva, each figure is subsequently painted – also by hand – with a water lacquer. Once the Holztiger logo is burnt in, the final step is a trip to quality control before the wooden figure is released for its journey to the playroom!

Paints and colors: Holztiger paints its figures with water-based acrylic paints (so-called water paints), which are totally non-toxic. The grain of the wood is still visible even after painting, so that the full character of the wood is retained.

Product safety: Holztiger wooden figures conform with the European Directives for Toys (DIN EN 71). The non-toxic paints and varnishes are furthermore subject to constant quality controls by the state supervisory authorities. Over and above this, Holztiger makes additional voluntary commitments to quality and safety.

Materials: Holztiger wooden figures are made entirely of wood. To meet the challenges posed by hard playroom conditions, Holztiger uses only hardwood, whereby most of the figures are made of maple. Maple is not only hard and durable, but it is also characterized by attractive graining. Dependent on the requirements, oak, beech and birch are also used as well as maple. So when you buy a wooden toy made by Holztiger, you can be sure that it is not only durable and ecologically sound, but that it also meets the highest quality requirements.

View our entire collection of Holztiger Dinosaurs and Dragons here.

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