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We are proud to announce the newest addition to Hazelnut Kids – our new gift wrap from Earth Love’n Paper Products. This paper is made with 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and uses vegetable ink for printing. In addition to that, no harmful bleaching compounds are used in its production. By choosing this recycled gift wrap alternative, no new trees are cut down, less energy and water are used, and less pollution is produced. Earth Love’n Paper and Hazelnut Kids are both Trees for the Future partners, so when you purchase a gift with Hazelnut Kids and have it wrapped in our new recycled gift wrap – you’ll get the benefit of supporting new tree planting – 2 fold!

Earth Loven recycled gift wrap

Beautiful, fun, and colorful designs!

As an Art Student, I’ll be the first to admit – it takes a lot for gift wrap designs to impress me. So many seem boring and uninventive. Not true for Earth Love’n Paper’s designs! Bright colors and whimsical figures help make this much more than gift wrap – they are works of art! Unwrap carefully – you’ll want to use this paper over and over again! And when the time comes to dispose of the paper, it is completely recyclable.

Included with our new gift wrap will be matching gift cards, also 100% post-consumer recycled paper and vegetable ink.

A great value for your pocket book, and an even greater value to our earth!

written by: Bridgett – Manager of Hazelnut Kids

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