The Cate & Levi Collection

The Cate & Levi Collection was founded by a Dad with a vision – create environmentally responsible toys for kids, that are just as charming as they are eco-friendly. One look at these cuddly critters and you will agree: mission accomplished!

Cate & Levi resides in Toronto, where their handmade creations take shape in their local studio. Not only do they use reclaimed wool (saving oodles of old sweaters from the landfills), they also source their materials as close to home as possible – further reducing their carbon footprint.

Plus, this feel good company donates 10% of their profits to funds that help children in need. Hazelnut Kids is thrilled to offer this outstanding brand to our customers.

Currently, we carry Cate & Levi Backpack Buddies, Hand Puppets, Peek-a-Boo Puppets, Pillow Pals, Purse Pals, and Stuffed Animals. There’s an animal for every little youngster (frogs, cows, giraffes, puppies, bunnies, monkeys, butterflies, and alligators – oh my!), and they are all one of a kind. Each product is completely unique, making for a super special gift.

So checkout out The Cate & Levi Collection of reclaimed wool critters, and you will never look at a wool sweater the same!

Bridgett – Manager, Hazelnut Kids

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