One of my favorite things to do in the Spring is dye Easter eggs! Yet, in the last few years, I have become increasingly uncomfortable using the painfully artificial dyes available to us in grocery stores. Especially since we boil our eggs with hopes of eating them later. I have had to throw away far too many eggs that have cracked, revealing neon colors on the flesh of the egg.

If you read my blog last year, you know that I finally opted to make my own natural dye. But rest assured – this was out of desperation. I could not find any natural egg coloring kits on the market.

Imagine my elation this year as Hazelnut Kids announced the arrival of eco-kids eco-eggs Easter Egg Coloring Kits! No more boiling beets for me.

Eco-kids is a lovely United States based company, created by parents that wanted to create non-toxic, natural materials for their children that inspired creativity. Mission accomplished! After starting out selling handmade art supplies at farmers markets, eco-kids has grown and become one of our favorite wholesalers.

eco-kids eco-eggs coloring kit details:

  • can create 6 colors from 3 natural dyes (color chart included)
  • ingredients – purple sweet potato, curcumin, annatto seed and blue cabbage extracts
  • can dye at least 4 dozen eggs
  • can download fun egg creature cutouts and activity sheets from eco-kids

Plus, check out this fun video by eco-kids if you want to see eco-kids eco-eggs coloring kit in action:

eco-eggs by Jack and Ella. from eco kids on Vimeo.

This natural Easter egg coloring kit offers the perfect solution for those ready to make the switch to natural dye, but not quite interested in boiling down their own colors. I cannot wait to give this a try with the kids!

“Hoppy” dyeing!

Bridgett – Manager, Hazelnut Kids

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