We’re downright giddy to announce the arrival of Anamalz new line of Prehistoric Dinosaurs here at Hazelnut Kids.  These wooden dinosaurs are just plain adorable.  They are made of the same smooth organic wood that we know and love from Anamalz, and are accented with bright or muted tones to fit the personality of the dinosaur.

Their bendy limbs make them extra fun to play with, and their size is conducive to travel.  The Anamalz Prehistoric Dinosaurs each have a smile on their face, and are ready to make new friends!

In addition to the Prehistoric Wooden Dinosaurs, we have also received a number of other new creatures from Anamalz!  These include the baboon, polar bear, moose, reindeer, llama, koala, and buffalo.  Check ’em out quick…they’re bound to go extinct in a flash!

Bridgett – Manager, Hazelnut Kids

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