In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share a photo of our homemade heart crayons. I had been looking for a reason to rid our home of all the traditional crayons that are petroleum based and replace them with some of the beautiful beeswax and soy crayons we carry at Hazelnut Kids. I just couldn’t bare to throw them out, so when my children needed to make Valentines for their classroom exchanges, I found the opportunity!

Hazelnut Kids Homemade Crayons

Hazelnut Kids Homemade Crayons

We simply melted the old ones down in glass dishes inside the microwave and poured the melted wax into heart shaped molds. We first tried mixing two colors in one dish, but after having to stir them a couple of times, the colors blended and didn’t give the “swirl” affect we were looking for. We had better results melting individual colors in their own dishes and then mixing colors as we poured them into the molds. Once they hardened, which only took about ten minutes, I had the kids carve their names into the finished crayons.

Our last batches were certainly better than the first, but they were all equally fun! And how nice for the kids to deliver a valentine that is useful and not destined for the garbage. This project only cost $10, and that was for the heart molds that we will use for many years to come.

Tracy Coe – Owner of Hazelnut Kids

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