We just did a fun project with our sons’ friends, and thought that those of you with Stockmar Beeswax Crayons might be interested in it. We made pictures by melting beeswax crayons on paper, and now it is a Rorshach test – what do you see in the picture above?

Adults can shave off some of the block crayons with the Stockmar scraper that came with the crayons, or if you have the beeswax stick crayons and a large-holed pencil sharpener, the kids can make the shavings. Fold a piece of paper in half and then unfold it, and ask the kids to make a design by sprinkling the shavings on one half of the paper. When they are done, fold the paper again so the sprinklings are in between the two halves, and with a clothes iron heated on the lowest setting, the adults can press the iron on top of the folded paper. To prevent the crayon marks from streaking, pick up and set down the iron as you move it, rather than ironing it as you would a shirt. When you’re finished ironing it unfold the paper and then lay it flat to dry. Voila! A lovely picture!

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