Wooden Toy Camera 

We’ve decided to frequently highlight a favorite natural toy of ours, as certain toys are customer favorites when they see them in person, but are harder to appreciate on a computer screen.  So, today’s featured toy is our Wooden Toy Camera from North Star Toys. 

Since kids love cameras (playing with them, not necessarily being on the receiving end of the bright flash), it just makes sense to save your camera by giving your child his own play camera.  And this camera is a work of art.  It is made of various hard woods so the natural color differences give it depth.  The button on the top presses down, so the child can feel like she’s really taking a picture, and the pretend lens on the front rotates so the child can focus the camera.  Ok, so most of that stuff is done automatically on cameras now, and no, this is not a camera phone, but we like the simplicity of it!  It is made in America by a wonderful family business that has been creating natural toys for over 20 years.  At only $22.90, it’s a great deal for a toy that will be played with for years, plus it will build your child’s confidence as he proudly uses his very own camera.  

Sheri at HazelnutKids.com

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