Easter Basket GiftsHolidays have become synonymous with waste, excess, and unhealthy behaviors. Easter is no exception with plastic grass, plastic eggs and cellophane-wrapped baskets.

With a little thoughtfulness, you can make the switch to a green Easter. And with Earth Day just a couple of days after Easter, what better way to celebrate spring than by making earth-friendly choices?!

There are many eco-friendly Easter basket gifts and fun activities that will resonate with kids, leave a lasting and more meaningful impression than a basket full of sugar. Here we will explore some fun Easter basket alternatives and Easter basket gifts that are not only eco-friendly, but are also fun, creative and engaging (leaving your kids with more than the typical sugar high.)

First, Find a Natural Easter Basket

The Easter basket is your foundation and a great place to start thinking outside the box. Opt for baskets made from natural materials over the cheap plastic variety. You can find some beautiful handcrafted baskets at natural gift stores; but if you are on a budget, a great place to look for baskets is at thrift stores.

Who said you even need a basket? Wide-mouth flower pots make for great alternatives. Or try something useful and nontraditional with your kids like a 100% certified organic cotton sack from Eco Lunch Gear. Our friends at Eco Lunch Gear offer several crafty, eco-friendly and reusable products that are ideal for Easter. Check out their Cinch Sack as a creative Easter basket alternative, in addition to the Reusable Sandwich Wrap as a purposeful gift to make school lunches a bit more fun.

Keep it Real (Like the Easter Bunny Would)

Now that you have an Easter basket, you will need to line the bottom with something. Here, the possibilities are endless!Green Easter Basket Grass

Ditch the plastic grass and grow your own. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, grass is probably one of the easiest and fastest things to grow. All you need a is a small dish, some soil, seed, water and sunlight. You can use grass, wheat, alfalfa, clover or chia seeds.

Once your grass is grown, place the dish in the bottom of your basket and viola! After Easter, your child can plant the grass outside, or use it as kitty grass for your feline friend to graze on.

Dried beans make a great basket lining as well and kids will have fun diving their hands into the beans to search for buried treasures.

Playsilks from Sarah’s Silks are another great grass alternative. Playsilks come in all the colors of the rainbow. Fluff them in your basket and tuck colored eggs and gifts into the folds. Playsilks offer limitless imaginative play. In the hands of children, they can transform from a cape to a magic carpet, a tented fortress to fairy wings and beyond.

Opt for Natural Toys & Gifts for Easter Basket Stuffers

Natural Easter Basket ToysNow that you have the foundation, what should you stuff your Easter baskets with? Instead of filling them with sugary, artificial candies, natural toys and gifts make for great Easter basket stuffers.

At Hazelnut Kids, we offers tons of natural wooden toys and eco-friendly Easter gift ideas.

  • Wooden Toys: Hape wooden jungle parade, wooden farm animals and dinosaurs, Hape little wooden vehicles or pulling animals.
  • Arts & Craft Kits: Pied Piper Crafts Knitty Kitty Kit, Pirate Map Kit, Wind Car or Sailboat Kit, Artterro Art Kits, and Ecojot Recycled sketchbooks.
  • Activity Easter Gifts: Hopstic Chinese Jumprope, Sarah’s Silks

Natural Easter Egg Dying KitPerhaps the most well known Easter tradition is egg dying. The Glob Natural Easter Egg Dying Kit uses all natural, non-synthetic dyes, making it a great choice for your eco-friendly Easter.

Making the switch to a green Easter this year is easy and a lot more creative and fun than navigating the candy aisle at your local department store for sugar and plastic products.

Do you have any awesome ideas to make Easter a bit greener? We would love to hear about your eco-friendly Easter ideas or traditions. Leave us a comment below!

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