My son’s 5th birthday is coming up, so I have been browsing our selection at Hazelnut Kids to decide what to give him.  One item that caught my eye was the “King of Numbers” game by Haba.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t help me with Ryan’s gift because we already bought it for his older brother when he was 5, but since we like the game so much I thought I should spread the word.

Haba King of Numbers game

All of Haba’s games are unique, and quite a few of them have wooden figures that can be played with outside of the game.  The King of Numbers is no exception.  I love that the wooden king is a self-checking tool, as his feet will only fit into the holes in the cards if the child has arrived at the correct answer.  There are seven different ways to play this game, so it will be played with for a long time (as ours has been).

To read more about it please visit it on our site, and once there you will find a link to the game instructions so you can see exactly how it can be played.

Sheri Novak, Owner – Hazelnut Kids

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