This past week here in Northern Michigan we’ve had some warm weather, so my kids and I were outside and almost-sort-of-kind-of believing that we may have seen the last snowfall of the winter.  They were enjoying playing in the little house at the top of their swing set, which is similar to a tree house (but without the tree).   But, alas, Mother Nature was toying with us and will be dumping quite a bit of snow on us over the next week.

Which brings me to today’s featured toy:  The Plan Toys Wooden Tree House.

Plan Toys Wooden Tree House

When you can’t play in a real one (and even when you can) it’s a great time to use your imagination and play with a smaller version of the real thing.  We gave this to our four-year-old son for Christmas this year, and he loves it (and so does his seven year old big brother).  The tree house comes with two figures, a pulley, a table and stools, a bucket, a swing, and a rope ladder.  It’s large (almost 22 inches tall) and sturdy and a ton of fun, no matter the weather.

Sheri Novak, Owner – Hazelnut Kids Natural Toys

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