I just created the “Back to School or Homeschool” category at Hazelnut Kids, and it was tough! When I look at our toys, every one of them qualifies as a toy that would cause a child’s imagination to grow or that would help them to learn something new. Although choosing which products to include wasn’t easy, being so beneficial for children’s minds is one of the beauties of natural toys.

We are a homeschooling family, so we are constantly looking for the learning potential in everything.  Here are a few examples:

  • The Balancing Cactus set by Plan Toys may just look like a fun game to some, but it teaches children physics as they learn to see in their mind how removing or adding a piece to one side would affect its balance.
  • A set of blocks (especially Unit Blocks) or a ball track set teaches spatial reasoning and mathematics.
  • Any board game that you play with your children teaches them social skills, memory (‘what do we do first and whose turn is it next?’), counting (if you are moving a piece based on a roll of the dice), the lesson of the game, and more. For instance, our Enlightened Play EcoRanch game has kids adopting (play) animals, taking care of them, and learning about taking care of the earth.
  • Art supplies let a child’s imagination shine, and two of the many things they can learn from them is to differentiate colors and how to create new colors.

Back to school time is a magical time of year for our family as we get excited about all of the possibilities of the coming year, and all that we can learn together. And after going through our catalog of toys at Hazelnut Kids, I am even more excited to begin.

Sheri Novak – Owner, HazelnutKids.com

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