Hape Wooden Pay Kitchen

Shown here is the Hape Wooden Gourmet Kitchen Set described below.

At Hazelnut Kids, wooden play kitchen sets are among the most popular types of toys that we offer. Ideal for toddlers ages 2+ years old, wooden play kitchens can foster creative and imaginative play while giving children a sense of freedom with their own kitchen space. Paired with awesome wooden kitchen accessories like pots, pans, various foods, and utensils, a complete play kitchen set can keep your young chef engaged for hours.

In this post, we are going to share three of the best wooden play kitchen sets at HazelnutKids.com and why each option offers a great investment to facilitate creative, life-like play for your child.

Hape Wooden Gourmet Kitchen

Made from natural wood and water-based paint, the Wooden Gourmet Kitchen from Hape is an excellent option among wooden play kitchen sets. Young chefs can can craft their own kid-sized play meals with this ideal wooden starter kitchen.

Check out the video below to see some of Hape’s wooden play kitchen sets and accessories in action.

Great for encouraging imaginative, pretend play, kids can interact with this wooden kitchen in many ways. Hape Wooden Pay Kitchen SetsTurn the big red knobs to get the stove going, peer through the over door to watch the food bake in the oven, and after a pretend feast has been eaten, kids can wash the dirty dishes in the sink.

The hutch and cupboard are ideal features for storing dishes and play food. Matching fridge and cookware is available for purchase with the Hape Wooden Gourmet Kitchen set, available at HazelnutKids.com.


Glückskäfer Wooden Play Kitchen with Top

Wooden Play Kitchen SetsThis dual-sided wooden kitchen set by Glückskäfer has a stove and oven on one side and a sink and cabinet on the other. The sink is designed with a stainless steel insert that can easily be removed and cleaned when needed. The oven opens for plenty of baking space and the stove can accommodate most child sized cookware. Wooden Play Kitchen Sets

This piece by Glückskäfer will keep your kids busy while you’re occupied in the kitchen. Although this wooden play kitchen set is an investment, it’s a timeless heirloom that’s made to last for generations. See the Glückskäfer Wooden Play Kitchen at HazelnutKids.com for further details.


Elves & Angels Jenny’s Wooden Play Kitchen

Jennys Wooden Play Kitchen SetsJenny’s Wooden Play Kitchen by Elves & Angels is a great option that caters nicely to play areas that are a bit less spacious but still enabling of relentless culinary creativity. The top shelf on this wooden play kitchen set can be used to display food or finished dishes. The complete unit offers an array features and playful possibilities, including a ringed stovetop, oven, built-in sink, and convenient storage compartment.

Elves & Angels Jenny’s Wooden Play Kitchen set is crafted with a smooth, formaldehyde-free birch plywood and is finished with linseed oil. The kitchen is 30.5″ tall, 25″ wide, and 11″ deep and the top shelf is 5″ deep. See this product among many of the great wooden play kitchen sets at HazelnutKids.com.

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