Museum Teddy Bear

My family and I recently visited the Public Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  They have a lot of their exhibits organized through the alphabet.  For example, J is for Japan (a family favorite of ours), Z is for Zoology, and T is for Toys.  When I came across that last one, I immediately thought of Hazelnut Kids.  They had many classic toys displayed, such as an original teddy bear and Tinkertoys.

Museum Tinker Toys

After taking a stroll down memory lane, I couldn’t help but think how proud I was to be a part of a business that carries “Museum quality” toys.  I could picture any number of our wooden toys or Kathe Kruse dolls, for example, in that case.  In this day and age, where we have allowed the market to be consumed by disposable toys, it is nice to know we can still have the heirloom quality toys that we grew up with.  That’s exactly what Hazelnut Kids provides us with!  I can tell you right now, my childrens’ toys from Hazelnut Kids won’t end up in the trash.  They will be passed on for generations, and maybe even one day sit next to an old teddy bear in a museum…

Museum Toy Sign

Bridgett, Manager – Hazelnut Kids Natural Toys

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