As Earth Day approaches I am overwhelmed by all the Earth Day specials, Earth Day sales, and Earth Day advice. As a retailer of earth friendly toys, Hazelnut Kids is obligated to take advantage of such a great day of recognition, but the girls (Bridgett and Shannon) and I have also decided to TAKE ACTION!

Tracy, Shannon, and Bridgett on One Day Without Shoes

Tracy, Shannon, and Bridgett "One Day Without Shoes"

We are each advocates for protecting the earth, we are each mothers of young children, and we each believe in living a simple and sustainable life. Is there any wonder we found each other here at Hazelnut Kids? The three “R”s have been a way of life for us since before it was “cool” so this year we are kickin’ it up a notch.


I am a religious composter, but I tend to teeter out as winter sets in. This year I am committing to winter composting and looking for any “words of wisdom” from others who compost in three feet of snow.

Shannon has convinced Bridgett and I to join her CSA (Community Supported Agriculture.)  We are splitting a share and looking forward to the bounty of local food that will be available all summer. I am also planning for my own vegetable garden to supplement and I will use it to teach Jackson and Ivy about seasonal eating.

Bridgett and Tracy

Bridgett and Tracy

Last year, our kids were finally old enough to start going on real bike rides. So we started biking them to school. It took a little extra time in the morning, but it was great to start the day as a family – getting fresh air and exercise. The kids were proud to bike to school everyday, because they knew it was good for the earth-  and them! I would like to continue this this year, now that it has started to warm up. I would also like to bike more to other places as well though. We live close enough to the store, gym, and work to bike to all of those places, and this year I want to make the bike a first choice – and the car plan B.
Also, it seems as the kids get older, the more batteries we go through. Ipod speakers, calculators, and such require batteries that I just hate to have to replace over and over. I would like to purchase rechargeable batteries for the first time ever! In addition to rechargeable batteries, another change I would like to make in our household is purchasing energy efficient light bulbs. I can’t believe we have not done this yet, but this is the year. The next light bulb purchase we make will be an eco-friendly one. We also recently made a jar to collect pennies whenever somebody leaves a light on when they are not using it. Hopefully this will be a reminder to us all, and help us be aware of how much we use electricity when we don’t need to. I really believe it is all the little things that everybody can do that adds up. I am excited to make a couple small changes and contribute something this Earth Day.
Shannon and Tracy at The Family Wisdom Conference

Shannon and Tracy at The Family Wisdom Conference


My family and I live right in town, which means we are a stone’s throw from downtown as well as our beautiful bay on Lake Michigan.  And since we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a very early spring this year, I’ve committed to keep the car parked in the garage as much as possible and pull out the bike or the walking shoes instead.  This is not always easy with a 13 month old son in tow, but he enjoys the fresh air as much as I do and so he’s happy to come along for the ride in his bike carrier or stroller.  There are, of course, times when I have to put those keys in the ignition for a distant errand or to drop Holden at my in-laws’ house west of town, but I’m really making a point of keeping the car at home and making the better-for-our-Earth (and better-for-me!) choice.

So this Earth Day, do Earth a favor and commit to at least one change that will have an immediate impact. Better yet, share it with us by posting a comment to this blog and we will enter your name in a drawing to win  a beautiful Waldorf  Nature Conservation Angel by Kathe Kruse. Winner will be chosen April 30th, so start posting!

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