At Hazelnut Kids we always donate 1% of our sales to land conservancies and have one tree planted for every product purchased, but now through Earth Day 2008, we will donate 2% of our sales to land conservancies and have three trees planted for every product purchased. So, if you buy 4 toys totaling $100, we will donate $2 to land conservancies and have 12 trees planted through Trees for the Future!

What else are we doing (every day)?

  • Carrying toys that are made with the health of children and the Earth as the primary focus. The materials used to make our toys include wood, bamboo, organic cotton, wool, and non-toxic colorings. Our toys will last a long time so they can be passed down to future generations, donated to organizations such as Goodwill, or resold, and when the time comes to dispose of them, most can be recycled.
  • Using 100 percent post-consumer-waste, recycled gift wrap and gift cards from Earth Love’n Paper Products (which utilizes chlorine-free processing). Not only is the paper recycled, it is recyclable, and it is made so well that it can be used again.
  • Using 100 percent recycled gift boxes.
  • Using packing boxes with a 100 percent recycled exterior and a liner made of 20-30 percent recycled material.
  • Using 100 percent recycled kraft paper as our packaging fill.
  • Minimizing printing, using 100 percent PCW recycled paper when we do print, recycling in our office, and using staple-less staplers.
  • Using recycled paper with vegetable-inks for marketing materials.
  • Constantly looking for ways to make an even greater difference.

Thank you for helping us to support the Earth.

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