While we have managed to avoid printing a paper catalog for Hazelnut Kids, this past holiday season I realized we may be in the minority!  Each day I checked the mail at my home, I had to make a stop at the recycling bin to drop in the 3-4 catalogs that were received that day.  The mound grew, and I realized there were many duplicate catalogs.  The cover may have been different, but the company was the same, and for the most part – so were the products featured.  I think catalogs certainly have their place – not everyone has computer access believe it or not, and sometimes you just want to be able to flip through tangible pages while looking at products – but the duplicate mailings do more harm than good when they just get tossed.

I came across a site that might be helpful.  It is called Catalog Choice, and is a non-profit corporation looking to help lessen your junk mail while also reducing the amount of natural resources used for catalogs.  You can search for the unwanted catalog on their site, and put in your information to stop receiving the catalogs or reduce the number received (depending on the company’s options).  It is an easy way to stop mailings from multiple companies, by using just one site.

Before your mailbox gets jammed with next year’s holiday catalogs – check out Catalog Choice – and stop the epidemic!

Bridgett, Manager – Hazelnut Kids Natural Toys

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