We at Hazelnut Kids love to read reviews of our products, our customer service and our website, so now through June 30, 2008 each approved product review will earn one entry into our $50 gift certificate drawing, and each approved customer testimonial will receive two entries into the drawing. The drawing will be held on July 1, 2008 when three entries will be drawn and each winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Hazelnut Kids.  Our customers seem to love spreading the good word about our natural toys, so now those words will earn entries!  And, as always, each review also earns 30 Loyalty Rewards Points.

Why do we say ‘approved’ review or testimonial? No, we don’t sort out any negative reviews (they are helpful, too)! We approve reviews based on their descriptiveness. A review that says ‘Great product!’, wouldn’t be very helpful to a visitor to our site, so that review would not be approved. But, a review that says, ‘Great teether! Our 11 month old has been chewing on this for 5 months and it still looks like new.” would benefit visitors, so it would be approved.

There is no limit to the number of reviews you can submit (and entries you can earn), so let’s hear what you think about all of our toys that you own!  Please visit our Gift Certificate Drawing page for details. Good luck!

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