What a wonderfully busy holiday season this has been in the world of natural toys (and it’s barely begun)!  Here are a few updates about toy safety, shipping, order deadlines, and backorders at Hazelnut Kids:

TOY SAFETY AND INFORMATION LINKS: If you are new to our site or if you’d like to encourage family and friends to buy natural toys, here are a few links that discuss the safety of our toys including where they are made, the benefits of natural toys, and information about Hazelnut Kids.

SHIPPING:  Orders are shipped within two business days of receipt, usually within one day.  We have added a UPS time-in-transit map to our website so you can estimate the time it will take for your toys to arrive once your order has been shipped. 

ORDERING DEADLINES:  We have added a ‘Holiday Ordering Deadlines’ page on our site which states the dates that orders should be placed to ensure Christmas delivery.  It is broken down by state, so the closer you are to Michigan, the longer you have to order.  No matter where you live in the contiguous U.S. you can use 3-day select service by noon on Tuesday, December 18th, or 2nd day air service by noon on Wednesday, December 19th, to ensure Christmas delivery.

BACKORDERED TOYS: At this time of year there are bound to be toys on backorder, but we are placing orders for more toys daily, so don’t be discouraged if an item that you want is on backorder.  There are some products that we do not expect to receive from our manufacturers until 2008, but when that is the case we have stated it in the toy’s description.  Since manufacturers of specialty toys only produce toys in the thousands, they are not stock-piled in warehouses, so it takes about 2 weeks for the manufacturer to deliver their toys to Hazelnut Kids.  But, as soon as we receive them we put them on the website and notify customers who have asked to be notified when a certain toy arrives.  If you’d like to be added to our backorder-contact list, simply email us with the item name and item number that you’re interested in, and we will let you know when they arrive.

As always, if you have any questions about anything on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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