Customer Question:  “Which beeswax crayon set would you recommend for a two year old?”

Our Response:  We would recommend the Stockmar beeswax block crayons for a two year old, as they are easier for small hands to hold.  Also, since a two year old’s fine-motor skills aren’t extremely precise, they can make big marks with them, or color in large areas which would otherwise be tiring for little hands (if they are using them on a coloring book).  Additionally, the block crayons are perfect for using with rubbing plates if you have them.

Older children and adults enjoy using the block crayons, too, especially for free-movement drawings (i.e. big swirls and marks instead of drawing a cow, for instance), and can use the edge of the blocks to draw fine lines.

Parents of more than one child often choose our Stockmar beeswax combination set (8 block crayons and 8 stick crayons), as the stick crayons can be used by older children for more precise drawings, while still being suitable for a 2 yr old.  Stockmar beeswax stick crayons are much thicker than standard crayons so they are more break-resistant and easier to hold than standard crayons. 

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