Customer Question: “When are you getting more Sigg water bottles? I have been looking everywhere and can’t find the one that I want.”

Our Response: This has been a crazy year for Sigg, as they have grown so much that they are having trouble keeping up with demand. They closed their online store earlier this year and are now selling only through retailers. They are also not accepting new retailers in an effort to help keep their current retailers stocked with Sigg water bottles.

We are able to order a set dollar amount of bottles from Sigg every two weeks, and the minute it is time to reorder, we do! But, the pickings are slim, and this week, for instance, we are only able to receive two different styles of bottles. So, the short answer is that we receive more bottles every couple of weeks, but we don’t know which ones we’ll receive until they arrive. We wish we could send more details, and we wish we could get more bottles in, but we know that Sigg is doing all that they can do. Their water bottles are fantastic, and they deserve their success – they are just working through some growing pains right now.

On a related note: We have had a certain reseller purchase large quantities of our Sigg bottles through Our contract would not allow us to cancel the order without getting seriously dinged on reviews and on our statistics, but we tried. This reseller then marked $20 Sigg bottles up to $50. I think it’s horrible that this person is taking advantage of the strong demand for a product by doing that. We would much rather sell one Sigg bottle to 100 different people who really want a bottle than to sell 100 to one person who is buying them to make a huge profit at the expense of others. That same reseller later tried to purchase large quantities on our site, and we cancelled his order (that felt really good!).

So, I know how wonderful Sigg bottles are, but please don’t encourage this type of dishonest behavior by purchasing bottles at huge markups. Sigg will eventually begin meeting demand, and then everyone will have the opportunity to buy one of their bottles at the correct price.

Thanks for reading. I’m now stepping down off my soapbox…

Sheri Novak, Owner – Hazelnut Kids

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