We’ve had a great response to our new line of Kids SIGG Water Bottles. They are selling well and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback. There have been two common questions about them that we’ve been asked, so I thought I’d post them for everyone’s benefit:

  1. Q: How do you clean the bottles? Do you need special tablets or cleaning brushes? A: Cleaning tablets and brushes are not necessary to clean SIGGs. Our family has had SIGGs for years and the way that we clean them is to wash the top by hand with soap and water, then place one drop of liquid dish soap in the bottle and fill the bottle halfway with hot tap water. We then put the cap on and shake the bottle vigorously. Then we rinse with more hot tap water and let it air dry. We sell the cleaning brushes at Hazelnut Kids because some people like the convenience of scrubbing with a brush (and there is a smaller brush attached to clean the top, which is nice), but they aren’t necessary.
  2. Q: I’ve noticed a dimple or small dent in my bottle. Is this normal? A: Although they are incredibly strong, it is normal for them to get some dents or dings over time. Our kids have dropped their bottles and have taken them everywhere, and the bottles have a few small dents, but they are minor. The thing to keep in mind is that Sigg has engineered the bottles to be safe. According to SIGG, “The proprietary SIGG bottle lining is a water-based, non-toxic coating that is baked into the interior walls and remains flexible and crack resistant for the life of the bottle.” So even if the exterior of the bottle gets small dents or dings, the interior wall will not crack.

We are expanding our line of SIGGs, including a few more for older kids and adults, and expect them within the next few weeks. If you have any questions about SIGGs or anything on our website, please let us know!

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