As I sit here writing my first official blog as owner of Hazelnut Kids, I am thinking of all the beautiful toys I have purchased from Hazelnut Kids over the last five years for my two young children, Jackson (age 5) and Ivy (age 3).

Plan Toys Wooden Walk-n-Roll Push Toy

The first toy that comes to mind is a wooden push toy similar to this one by Plan Toys. Jackson received his for a first birthday gift and I’m convinced he put a few hundred miles on it before he passed it to Ivy who put a few hundred more. I can still hear the “clickety-clack” across my floors, but for now it is put away for my future grandchildren.

Plan Toys Wooden Deluxe Road System

The next toy that comes to mind is the Plan Toys Road System that has grown over the last few years. Jackson started with the Deluxe Road System with a couple of cars. About the time he got bored with that, we added the Airport, and later the Fire Station and Parking Garage. By just adding a new piece once in a while, it becomes his favorite toy again and and again. I can say the same about his Ball Track.

Elves and Angels Wooden Sylvie's Kitchen

Another favorite Hazelnut Kids toy in our home is the Elves & Angels Kitchen. I love it because it’s beautiful, natural, and blends well in our home. My children love to take meal orders, prepare their “wooden entrees,” and serve them with a smile. And what great spelling and math lessons as they write out their grocery lists and calculate the costs.

The Sarah’s Silks Playsilks are a hit around our house as well. Just last week Jackson used one as a cast for his imaginary broken leg, and Ivy used one as a superhero cape and later a princess dress.

Haba Yahtzee in a Tin

And lastly, we love the Haba games and play with them almost daily. Three of our favorites are Yahtzee, Mini Bingo, and Ivy adores the Horse Memory Game.

Now that I have over indulged in product promotion, I would like to end by saying how delighted I am that Sheri trusts me to uphold the commitments she has made to parents, children, and the environment. I share the same values, and Hazelnut Kids will continue to be a trusted resource for safe and natural toys.

Tracy Coe owner – Hazelnut Kids

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