We’ve gotten a lot of calls lately asking two things: If a certain toy is on backorder, and how quickly orders will ship.  If a toy is on backorder, our site will not let customers put it in their shopping carts, so unless it says “backorder”, it will be in stock.  Very rarely it happens that our records show that we have an item in stock when it is actually sold out, but we discover that very quickly and contact the customer to let them know immediately. 

We recently heard from a Canadian resident who ordered items from a different online toy store and their site said the items he chose were in-stock.  He received an email 10 days later stating that the items were on backorder and that they would refund his money.  That would be awful no matter where you lived, but because he lived in Canada where it takes much longer for packages to arrive, he can’t get those items in time for Christmas now.  We were shocked to hear his story, and thankful that our website has measures in place to let customers know as they are shopping whether or not a toy is in stock.

As far as when orders will ship, we are shipping within one business day of order and payment receipt.  The only exception is for residents of Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska, as we ship those orders as soon as the customer accepts the shipping charges that we email to them once the package has been weighed.

There is still time to shop for safe, natural toys and stocking stuffers at Hazelnut Kids!  Please visit our “Holiday Ordering Deadlines” page to determine the ordering deadline for your state, and as always, feel free to contact us with any questions that you have. 

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