Customer Question: “I love your wooden toys, and was wondering if you have a print catalog?”

Our Response: “Currently, we do not have a print catalog at HazelnutKids, but we are considering having one printed in mid-to-late 2008.  We are researching printers that offer recycled paper and soy ink, and will only mail catalogs to customers who request them, so as to minimize waste.  In the meantime, many customers have found that creating a wishlist at HazelnutKids is a nice way of gently suggesting to relatives that their children would enjoy natural toys (without plastic or batteries).  Plus, relatives are usually relieved to have a short list to choose from while knowing that what they choose will be well-received by both the children and their parents!  Our wishlist service allows you to create separate lists for each child in your house, too.

On a related note, Bridgett (the manager of Hazelnut Kids) found the following excerpt from the book “Garbage Land” by Elizabeth Royte: “In 2001, American companies sent out seventeen billion (catalogs) – fifty-nine for every man, woman, and child in the United States – weighing a total of 7.2 billion pounds.  Only six out of the seventy-four catalogs surveyed by the advocacy group Environmental Defense used recycled paper in the body of their mailings.  Switching to just 10 percent recycled content, the group said, would save enough wood to run a six-foot-high fence across the country seven times.”

Isn’t it amazing that a small change like that can make such a difference?

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